Law and Madness

Herman de Vlieger is the public prosecutor, and father of two daughters, Susanna and Julia. After his divorce he falls in love with the young psychiatrist Wessel van Ede, When the two men move in together, the most trivial matters cause irritation. Moving in together certainly isn’t as easy as they thought, especially when Herman’s daughters start seeing Wessel as a surrogate mother. Julia de Vlieger is in public prosecutor training, and starts working at her father’s office. For the time being, she moves in with her sister Susanna, who’s an artist. In this 20-episodes series, law and madness collide at a daily basis. Wessel copes with suicides, rapes, and patients with different handicaps. Being a psychiatrist he regularly runs into Herman, who instead of Wessel is not allowed to cure, but has to prosecute.