Amsterdam Paradise 2

TV viewers in The Netherlands first got to know Adam de Heer in season 1 of A’DAM – E.V.A.. Adam is the timid young protagonist who was born and bred in Zeeland, and who comes straight from his hometown to seek a new life in turbulent Amsterdam, only to fall head over heels in love with the feisty girl next door, the vivacious Eva van Amstel.

Their love story unfolds in eight episodes of roller coaster of events in which the two become connected through life and the city: they start off as complete strangers, then they become lovers – until finally they become life partners.

The city plays a key role in numerous subplots that, directly or indirectly, have a significant impact on the lives of Adam and Eve, a contemporary couple living in a present-day city.

In season 2 the story is resumed as Adam and Eve are trying to overcome their breakup and rebuild confidence after a crisis.

Eve is carrying their child, in fact she is about to give birth – and like many young parents – they have no idea of what is hanging over their heads: the shared responsibility of raising a child.

While season 1 focusses on the connection between people, season 2 is more about the larger context of groups: friends, family, neighbourhood and the city.

The recurring characters from season 1, now play a larger part in the sub plots of season 2. Eva’s best friend and colleague Harm-Jan, Adam’s childhood friend Timo, Adam’s boss Dolores and several family members, they are all back and we watch them develop each in their own way.

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